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Awaed Al-Kuwait Real Estate Company was established in 1999

It is one of the leading Kuwaiti companies in the field of real estate at the local and international levels through a package of real estate services (sale - purchase - rent - evaluation - property management).

The company was able to expand its activities to provide its services with distinguished partners in the Gulf countries and Europe by managing a group of real estate portfolios with legitimate returns.

The company has a group of local and international properties that are classified as first-class properties, in addition to profitable investments.

The local real estate sector has witnessed a great boom in the past years, although real estate development operations have experienced some slowdown in the recent period due to global economic conditions, but the huge real estate projects that have been completed led to the need for more companies that provide their services to keep pace with the growth process in this The large and wide sector.

In line with the market need for more distinguished and experienced companies, it was decided to establish “Awad Al-Kuwait Company for Real Estate Appraisals and manage third parties’ properties in an advanced manner that keeps pace with the rapid modern movement.”

“Kuwait Returns” adopts a conscious and purposeful strategy that focuses on the local market at the outset and that will provide all data and information about real estate of all kinds, in addition to researching and studying future projects and providing the best offers on them, as well as providing real estate estimates in a distinct and purposeful form based on the element of transparency.
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